The IT Programme is an 8 week* therapeutic, empowering and outcomes driven programme for male adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA)
*2 hours a week for 8 weeks group work with one to one sessions if necessary

One in six men are affected by Childhood sexual abuse

The programme covers the following areas:

  • Journal work and recovery writing
  • Perpetrators, power and protection
  • Flashbacks and memories
  • Active healing & developing healthier patterns
  • Anger and grief management
  • Inner child work
  • Art and sensory therapy

This is an empowering, outcomes based programme that aims to deal specifically with the abuse that a man has survived and thereby increase his quality of life.

Some of the key outcomes we work towards include:

  • Increasing self confidence
  • Understanding anger
  • Getting back into education or employment
  • Reducing the dependency on 'peripheral' services
  • Keeping survivor's own children safer
  • Assisting survivors to be better parents
  • Understanding the effects of abuse
  • Developing healthier patterns