It's been useful for me - I've opened up (I've never been able to talk to people before)

This programme is value for moneyChildren's Centre Manager

I don't feel judged in the group

The best thing about this group is knowing you are not alone anymore

I have been amazed at the changes in myself since doing the programme

All things considered I think I am probably the last person to attend a group but I can say without a doubt I have processed and healed because of this programme

I would recommend this group, the facilitator was supportive and understanding yet firm and gentle

The Butterfly Programme has changed my view on life and has also saved me

I am finally at peace

Thank you for helping me heal and move forward - I have made so many friends that I will never forget

I have got so much from the Butterfly programme, I finally feel like I'm moving on and that I have dealt with my past

This has helped me to come to terms with my abuse and my abuser

I understand myself better

I believe in myself, and I know now that I'm not to blame

As I found out I'm not on my own - there are other people in the same boat

I have begun my journey on the road to recovery