Butterfly Programme

It's been useful for me - I've opened up (I've never been able to talk to people before)

This programme is value for moneyChildren's Centre Manager

I don't feel judged in the group

The best thing about this group is knowing you are not alone anymore

I have been amazed at the changes in myself since doing the programme

All things considered I think I am probably the last person to attend a group but I can say without a doubt I have processed and healed because of this programme

I would recommend this group, the facilitator was supportive and understanding yet firm and gentle

The Butterfly Programme has changed my view on life and has also saved me

I am finally at peace

Thank you for helping me heal and move forward - I have made so many friends that I will never forget

I have got so much from the Butterfly programme, I finally feel like I'm moving on and that I have dealt with my past

This has helped me to come to terms with my abuse and my abuser

I understand myself better

I believe in myself, and I know now that I'm not to blame

As I found out I'm not on my own - there are other people in the same boat

I have begun my journey on the road to recovery

IT programme

It helped me get in touch with my inner child

I realised it was not my fault

This helped me to realise why my past relationships have been so fraught with arguments

This has helped me to understand the dysfunctional relationships I've been involved in

Doing the programme I realised there were other men who had experienced the same as me - it's not my fault

I understand my feelings better, and can control my anger because I have identified where it comes from

I am better able to deal with day to day situations and feel more confident since I've done the programme


Excellent training, honest informativeFamily Support Worker

Finally, some honesty and openness around the subject of CSASocial Worker

This is long awaited and very much needed, I feel more confident to deal with survivors of CSACBT counselor

An extremely specialized area of work, its been so important to gain skills and strategies to effectively create positive outcomes for people who are affected by CSAChildren's Centre Manager

Inspirational training - very passionate and energeticMidwife

This training is long overdue, as professionals we come into contact with survivors of abuse daily and don't really know how to copeHealth Visitor

Before this training I was afraid to open the 'can of worms' with my clients, I now feel more confident to discuss the issues and recognise the effects CSA gas had on so many men and womenCounsellor

Excellent training - I feel more confident to approach the subject of CSA with my client groupSupport Worker

This training will change the way I practiceSocial Worker

This training really opened my eyes to something I already had a good knowledge ofMidwifery Support

I have attended a lot of training throughout my professional life and I found this really delivered from the point of view of the survivor, balanced with up to date research and facts.Senior Practitioner, Family Support

This training challenged a lot of the myths a lot of what I thought I knew and it was good to see things from the survivor's perspective, especially in getting some guidance around handling disclosuresFamily support worker

Some parts of the training are uncomfortable but they need to beCentre manager